Session Title Developing for Android with Oxygene for Java

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 75 minutes

Speaker(s) Brian Long (Brian Long Consultancy & Training Services)

Brian Long has spent the last 1.7 decades as a trainer and trouble-shooter focusing on the Delphi and C# languages, the Win32, .NET and Mono platforms, and the iOS and Android mobile platforms. In his spare time, when not exploring the Chiltern Hills on his mountain-bike or pounding the pavement in his running shoes, Brian has been re-discovering the idiosyncrasies of Unix-based operating systems. Besides writing a Pascal problem-solving book in the mid-90s he has contributed chapters to several books, written countless magazine articles and spoken at many international developer conferences. Brian has a number of online articles at

Session Description

Oxygene for Java is an Object-Pascal based tool for native Java and Android development, targeting those who have a background in Delphi or a history of Pascal programming from previous times, or anyone who fancies something a bit different from Java.

Oxygene is the next evolution of Object-Pascal, with advanced features typically only found in specialised niche languages. Such features include Duck Typing, Class Contracts, Generics, Language-integrated Parallelism, Conditional Statement Expressions and Nullable Types. The language is familiar for Delphi or Pascal developers, but powerful enough to be a true alternative to C# or Java.

We'll look at Oxygene for Java's capabilities and features in the context of building and deploying an Android application. We'll see how the product works, bump into some enhancements to the Object Pascal language and show that Oxygene for Java is a first class citizen in the world of Android development.