Session Title Mobile Last - Considering the mobile experience when it's too late for 'Mobile First'

Session Type Experience Report

Duration 30 minutes

Speaker(s) Roger Attrill (Think UI)

Roger Attrill (Twitter: @think_ui)  is an independent consultant and owner of Think ui, providing a wide range of user interface design and development services. Starting out as a software engineer, Roger has been passionate about user interaction for more than twenty years, and has been promoting the benefits of an engaging user experience since before it even had a name. Gaining experience across a wide variety of platforms and systems, in industries including Virtual Reality, Telecoms, and CAD, Roger then turned from providing a service within a company to outsourcing services to others. He is now on a mission to share his passion and evangelise about user experience to just about anyone who will listen (and learn from just about anyone who will talk). He spends much of his spare time helping designers and developers solve problems, visualise information, and rethink their approaches via the UX Stack Exchange website.


Session Description

‘Mobile First’ is a great action to bear in mind when creating a new website or product, but for many who have already invested in the desktop browser, this advice comes too late. This talk covers some of the considerations to take into account when transitioning to mobile, including the difference between types of user and their behaviour; the constraints and opportunities that mobile provides; and strategies for mobile content organisation, layout, and navigation.