Session Title Introduction to iOS development

Session Type Hands-On

Duration 120 minutes

Speaker(s) Dave Verwer (Shiny Development)

Dave is an iOS and Mac developer, trainer and consultant who owns and runs Shiny Development. Shiny develop and run iOS training courses around the UK to get you up to speed with producing your own iOS apps and have also developed several apps of their own including Balloons! for iPhone and Explore Flickr for iPad and iPhone. Dave can be found on Twitter at @daveverwer.

Session Description

Participants will get an introduction to iOS development for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You will be given an overview of the hardware and software capabilities of the iOS devices, followed by a run down of the kind of things that are possible through the iOS SDK* as well as a tour around the development tools that developers use every day to create the apps you know and love. You will also get a chance to get hands on and will build a simple app to run on the iOS simulator so bring your laptop along!

To get the most out of this session you would ideally be comfortable with programming in an object oriented language but full instructions are provided and can be followed along with if you are not so familiar with programming to get a taste of what iOS development is like.

Please bring your own Software Development Kit or be prepared to share:

Pre requisites for the practical session, building a simple app:
- Intel based Mac running OS X 10.7 (Lion).
- Xcode 4.3.1 pre-installed, this can be downloaded for free from Mac App Store.