Session Title Is it really possible to TDD iOS apps?

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 60 minutes

Speaker(s) Phil Nash (Independent)

Phil has spent much of the last three decades trying to work out how to transform percussive actions on a keyboard into patterns of electrical pulses that seem to make some people happy. Along the way he has discovered that sometimes you need to get other people involved too and generally tries to hang out with those that care about the craft as much as he does. Outside of paid contract work, consulting, training and coaching he has authored open source projects such as CATCH (a C++ & Objective-C test framework) and iPhone apps (including vConqr). He's been a semi regular speaker at conferences and events - including a keynote at this years ACCU conference.

Read our interview with Phil here.

Session Description

Is it possible, or practical, to develop iOS (or any mobile) apps using Test Driven Development?

In this session we'll look at the challenges and practical considerations involved, when and how to overcome them, and why we should do so.

The material is not just theoretical - it draws on recent, real-world, experience helping a client get a large, high-profile, iOS code base under test and coaching a skeptical team in using TDD moving forwards.