Session Title Advanced iOS development

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 75 minutes

Speaker(s) Pete Goodliffe (Conscientious Coder)

Pete Goodliffe is a software developer, columnist, speaker, and author who  never stays at the same place in the software food chain; he's worked in numerous languages on diverse projects. He also has extensive experience in teaching and mentoring programmers, and writes the regular "Professionalism in Programming" column for ACCU's C Vu magazine ( Pete's popular book, Code Craft, is a practical and entertaining investigation of the entire programming persuit. In about 600 pages. No mean feat! Pete enjoys writing excellent, bug-free code, so he can spend more time having fun with his kids.

Pete does now own some shoes. But he won't wear them.

Session Description

iOS is a great platform to work on, and many developers have spend some time looking at the platform. This talk is aimed at programmers with prior iOS experience who want to get into iOS in more depth.

This presentation will take you from a basic level of understanding of iOS to look at advanced topics that will make you apps more polished, better designed and, ideally, more successful.

Abstract concepts are no use, so in this talk we'll take some existing successful commercial iOS applications as a case study, and see how a selection of iOS technologies and techniques combine within it.

On the way, we'll see:

  • How to use Objective-C language facilities to their best advantage
  • How to exploit key iOS technologies to save you time and effort
  • iOS development idioms that will improve the quality of your code
  • Creating "universal" iPhone/iPad/retina applications without going mad
  • Successful deployment and testing strategies