Session Title How to design the best Mobile User Experience

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 45 minutes

Speaker(s) Rachel Jones (Instrata)

Dr Rachel Jones is a User Experience (UX) expert with over 20 years experience in user-centred design, working particularly on mobile services and more recently on apps for mobile and tablet devices. Rachel founded Instrata in 2001 to offer a range of people-centred design services and is responsible for managing global projects for corporate clients such as Microsoft and Nokia, as well as start-ups, such as Eykona and Z-Tech, and NGOs, such as Oxfam and CRUK. Rachel has worked at two of the foremost pioneers of user experience, Xerox EuroPARC and Sapient (formerly E-lab). Rachel continues to work at the cutting edge of interaction design, developing new techniques, publishing at international conferences, and submitting patents.

Session Description

In the first part of the session, Rachel will give a short introduction to some of the key UX techniques, such as personas, scenarios, concept building and testing. In the second part of  the session, Rachel will take questions about the user experience of products or services that participants are involved in.