Session Title Your browser is your SDK!

Session Type Case Study

Duration 45 minutes

Speaker(s) Jan Jongboom (Cloud9 IDE)

Jan Jongboom (23, Amsterdam) got in a real life fight when someone declared javascript 'just some scripting language'. During the day he channels his javascript love as a member of the Cloud9 IDE development team, making bad jokes about VBScript and dreaming of happy hour. The only native Brit in the company described him in one word: 'cheeky'. You can see him live on stage regularly, with talks about Cloud9, node.js, scaling and mobile development.

Session Description

It’s time to ditch your MacBook, open up your ChromeBook and accept that the only thing you will ever need to write, compile, run and debug a cross-platform native mobile applications is a modern browser! Meet the winning combination of Cloud9 IDE, Ripple and PhoneGap Cloud to get a full blown development beast that will never require you to leave your browser.

In this code-centric talk we’ll:

  • Build a cross-platform mobile app in Cloud9 IDE
  • Build a server side backend using node.js and deploy it to Heroku
  • Tie client and server together by testing it in Ripple and compile it via PhoneGap Cloud

This will result in a working app that everyone can install on their own mobile devices.